Review: “Roller Girl (Lake Lovelace #3)” by Vanessa North


Recently divorced Tina Durham is trying to be self-sufficient, but her personal-training career is floundering, her closest friends are swept up in new relationships, and her washing machine has just flooded her kitchen. It’s enough to make a girl cry.

Instead, she calls a plumbing service, and Joanne “Joe Mama” Delario comes to the rescue. Joe is sweet, funny, and good at fixing things. She also sees something special in Tina and invites her to try out for the roller derby team she coaches.

Derby offers Tina an outlet for her frustrations, a chance to excel, and the female friendships she’s never had before. And as Tina starts to thrive at derby, the tension between her and Joe cranks up. Despite their player/coach relationship, they give in to their mutual attraction. Sex in secret is hot, but Tina can’t help but want more.

With work still on the rocks and her relationship in the closet, Tina is forced to reevaluate her life. Can she be content with a secret lover? Or with being dependent on someone else again? It’s time for Tina to tackle her fears, both on and off the track. Continue reading


Review: “How To Wish Upon A Star” by Eli Easton


Dr. Jason Kunik is working on the most earth-shattering genetics project ever, DNA mapping of a new species, the quickened—dogs who can shift into human form. The problem is, no one knows the quickened exist and Jason can’t betray them by publishing his studies. When he moves to Mad Creek to continue his research in a town full of quickened, all he wants is peace, quiet, and to be allowed to bury himself in his work. Perhaps if he figures how out the mutation is activated, he can silence his own inner dog forever.

Milo is a hospice comfort dog who has bonded with, and lost, many beloved patients in his life. He intuitively understands sickness and pain on a spiritual level most can’t see. When he gains the ability to become a man, he thinks he finally has everything he ever wanted. But being a man isn’t the same thing as being loved, and taking shelter in Mad Creek isn’t the same thing as finding a home. Continue reading

Review: “Part & Parcel” by Abigail Roux



Nick O’Flaherty and Kelly Abbott had their happy ending in sight when a friend’s call for help almost ended with them losing it to the blade of a knife. Now, in the aftermath of near-disaster, both men are trying to heal and move on.

Moving on together, though, is harder than either of them realized it would be. Kelly struggles with simply being a lover instead of the Doc, while Nick is mired in his recovery. The distance between them inches along in stilted silence.

Desperately seeking solace, Nick finally gathers the courage to sort through the possessions his dear friend and fellow Sidewinder teammate Elias Sanchez left him when he died. Instead of comforting memories, Nick and Kelly find a stack of letters and strict instructions from Eli that prompt them to send out a call for assistance. With Eli’s letters in hand, Sidewinder sets out on one last mission together, seeking peace and absolution from beyond the grave-and from each other.




This book has me eternally conflicted. I both liked it and … Not.

What Worked For Me
One of the things that I liked was having Eli back… In a way. The whole letters thing reminded me a bit of P.S I love you, and in the beginning I wasn’t sure if it was going to work for me, but it did. Some of the things I read there actually made me choke up a bit. I also liked the idea of the Sidewinders going on this particular adventure. It was more a soul searching kind of thing than an actuall “let’s fight bombs and bad guys and get ourselves almost killed”, so it was a nice change.

I think that in this book Nick and Kelly come off a bit more stable for me. Stronger, if you may. But boy do they have issues… TONS of issues, and they managed to work them out.

What More Or Less Worked For Me

I loved the idea of including both a demisexual and an asexual character. Actually, this was one of the reasons why I decided to pick up this book… I only wish this had been explored a bit more.

I could argue that I never quite saw these things in past books (which could be true, but then… my mind’s blurry… so, there’s that), so this came a bit of a surprise for me. However, I can’t, and won’t argue that it is entirely possible that one doesn’t quite know where one stands until much later in life. Thinking this way, and seeing things from this perspective, I think is much more than possible that both Kelly and Digger realized later on what their orientation was. It’s only that like I said, I would have liked to see it explored in more depth.

Another thing that more or less worked for me was Kelly’s insecurities. I think I know where he was coming from… I think I knew from the beginning, but there were things he did that seemed pretty much like emotional masochism… 😦(view spoiler)

And… I’m sorry, but Nick is still TOO perfect for me. 😦

What Did Not Work For Me

I still have tons of trouble with Nick and Ty’s friendship. There were times here where some of the things they did (particularly Ty) seemed a lot like flirting and it… annoyed me. And the thing is, if it had been with anyone else it just would not have bothered me at all. But everytime he commented on something and Nick blushed… I went on a rage fit thinking about the darn kiss like twenty books ago (and, in a different series!). I get they are friends, and I get they are insanely close… but dude! They would have boned each other if they could have, and that comes off pretty clear in this book! So, i do not appreciate the flirting… Especially not when Zane just stands there and smiles, and… pats their backs! Gah!

On that note… and with all the pain in my heart, I think this book would have done perfectly well without Zane… And funnily enough, I think that would have been good, and perfectly understandable because in the end this book was about the Sidewinders, and Zane… well, he isn’t one.. So bringing him in and having him just there, on the background, was actually a bit painful to read (for me).

Then there’s a couple of plot twists that have me with SO many questions. Questions that were actually answered but… I still have a lot. So there’s that.

So all in all, this was good.. I still enjoy a lot Abi’s prose, and she still writes some awesome hot scenes… because, dude! she does…but I think maybe, I’ll bid farewell to the Sidewinders’ series with this book.