D is over the games.

Dante “D” Vargas is home in Miami, to stay. He has a job he likes as the new head of bonds and bounty for Mack’s Security and after six years of making a mess with Trevor Mackentire, he’s ready—he thinks they’re both ready—for them to stop playing around and figure out if what they have is real. But Trevor is his boss’s son and his best friend’s younger brother so it’s not as easy as taking what he wants.

Especially when he also has to convince Trevor he’s over being afraid of his feelings and not everything is what it seems.

Trevor wants the D(ante).

Finally healthy and whole again after the effects of a major car accident, Trevor’s tired of being treated like a child by everyone he loves. He’s been handling his own for a long time. But he’s lonely. Trevor knows he shouldn’t keep setting himself up to be hurt by D’s hot-and-cold routine, but he’s care for the man for what feels like forever, and lusted for him even longer.

Yeah, they set each other on fire, but old fears, old wounds, and being stuck in a game of push and pull makes it feel impossible to get it together. Maybe they should just leave well enough alone.

It’d be easier if every meeting, every taste didn’t leave them wanting more.



When I got a copy of this book I was SCARED SHITLESS to read it. Like, a lot. The reason for this is because I knew that Kade had wanted to write something light and super smutty. If you know me, you know I don’t do well with super smutty books. Light? Yes. Fluffy, sexy, romantic? yes. But super smutty… Er… No. Not my thing. I tend to get pretty bored if a book is oversexed and end up DNF-ing, which is mainly why I avoid books that have sex as a major part in the story. I still gave it a go, for reasons.

I was surprised to find out that I actually liked it a lot. While there’s a lot of sex in this book, there is also an underlying sweetness to it. Dante and Trevor’s story is not one that happens overnight. What they have has been cooking up for years, and well… Their encounters, while hot, didn’t always end well.

There are miscomunication issues, but they are part of the plot and given the circumstances in which the story, their story, takes place, I found those believable. The miscomunications don’t go on and on and on (thankfully, because  that would have annoyed me a lot), and once Trevor and Dante get to talk and put the cards on the table, things get much easier for them.

I think Dante is a good character. I liked how simple he seemed at first glance, but how truly there was a complexity to him. Trevor, on the other hand, seemed a bit more complex from the beginning. There are things that I would have liked to know about them, mainly because I’m curious, not because I think it would have been important to the plot.

Their story is a good one. Filled with want and need and that desperation you feel when you want someone so bad that you can’t quite keep yourself away from them.

I also liked his first person POV. I thought it made the story flow well, and it gave that illusion of feeling close to the characters (it was dual first person POV). So kudos for that! I say this because I have a tendency to get bored with it, and it didn’t happen here. There wasn’t the usual inner ramblings and info dumping I normally encounter in books that are narrated like this.

There were a couple of editing issues that I thought could have been fixed if a last round of edits had been made, but aside from that I thought this was a good, easy, fun read.

If you’re in the mood for a hot, shortish read, this is the one!


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